Forget celebs and professional reviewers. Who needs them anyway?

Here’s what REAL ZOMBIE FANS are saying about CORDYCEPS:

“The first take on zombies that is convincing AND actually has real-life precedence.”

“I love a good terror read. I’ve played through those kinds of stories frequently, with mixed results. But this one. Holy crap.”

“Creepy as hell and very imaginative.”

“Extremely well done.”

“Once in a while an author either finds a new way of approaching the undead or does a stellar job of tackling the common formula… Duncan accomplishes both.”

“The only convincing zombie book.”

“Great twist on the genre.”

“Does not disappoint.”

I have read a lot of “Zombie” and “end of the world” novels (i.e. “TEOTWAWKI”) and this is one of the truly superior ones.

“Blew me away.”

“You simply cannot put the book down.”

“The most terrifying part is that it is not far fetched.”

 “Absolutely loved this book.”

“What Cordyceps manages to do…is base itself in enough real science to be scary as hell.”

“Action-packed thrill ride.”