Final cover


Until now, it has never enjoyed a host so sophisticated as homo sapiens.

But now south Florida residents watch, horror-stricken, as many of their own friends and neighbors begin climbing light poles, billboards, and radio towers with blank, zombie-like gazes. Cordyceps spores have taken root inside them. It makes them climb higher…to sprout.

Flash forward forty-eight hours. The infected show increasing signs of aggression, coughing up spores and chasing survivors on foot. South Florida is quarantined. Federalized National Guard troops struggle to enforce a border across the peninsula. Cordyceps must not escape.

Cole McGinnis never shot anyone before, but he’ll have to before the day is over. To survive, he’ll have to abandon his truck and break into houses for supplies, all the while avoiding homeowner militias and armed looters. He’ll have to steal cars, boats, and guns, and find the strength to lead his friends through an apocalyptic landscape infested with Cord zombies.




Two hours outside Washington D.C., neighbors report a strange odor coming from the house next door. It smells like something dead. Police knock on the front door to no response, but an unmarked van is parked in the driveway. A van with Florida plates.

Something has survived. Adapted. Learned.

From the author of Cordyceps comes the story of the second, even deadlier outbreak of the real-life fungus that turned humans into vicious, brainwashed zombies and devastated Florida—but the Resurgentis strain will not be so easily contained. This time, Cordyceps has an unstoppable strategy for spreading across America. And this time the government’s effort to stop it will prove more drastic—and more controversial—than ever before.

Mason Hartsock left the war behind him in Iraq—or so he thinks. He’s hiking the Appalachian Trail through the Shenandoah National Forest when he hears the sound of automatic gunfire coming from a town in the valley below. He could keep going, but he’s never run from a fight.

Khava Sultygov is studying at James Madison University on a student visa. So far, the quaint college town of Harrisonburg, Virginia has been nothing like the war-torn nation she escaped. But the America she knows is about to change forever, and her boyfriend will find out that the only thing sexier than a woman with a foreign accent is one that knows what to do with an AK-47.

The first outbreak was only the beginning. Cordyceps stalks are rising all over America. “Coughers” are massing into a horde. “Managers” are leading them straight for the last remaining knot of survivors, fighting wildly at each other’s backs. When the ammunition runs out, an empty rifle is still a weapon. A crowbar is a weapon. A baseball bat is a weapon. Fight for your life.